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Taruna: In Tune With Earth EP (Download MP3 WAV) - Tarunamusic - Psyshop →

This dynamic world fusion EP is a collaboration of musical wizardry between Taruna and Dr Didge Dolphin. It is led by a strong Didgeridoo influence in a conscious attempt to create music in harmonic resonance with Earth.

It is tuned after Hans Cousto’s Cosmic Octave in the frequency of Earth’s orbit around the Sun. This frequency is also in alignment ‘in tune’ with the natural 432 Hz tuning.

Drop out and tune in, into resonant harmony with all creation.

Artist: Matajiwa

Track: “1”

Directed by: Leonardo Ringo
D.O.P.: Dimas Wisnuwardono
Edited by: Dimas Wisnuwardono
Location: Black Studio, Panglima Polim - Jakarta

Starting in December 2011, Anda and Reza agreed to create a different music with the music in general and try to break away for a while from pop rock label that has been attached to them both. They mentioned Matajiwa music with Experience, Experiment and Expression.

Matajiwa is Anda Perdana on guitar and vocals alongside with Reza Achman on drumcussion.

"The work of music can not be categorized as right or wrong or good or bad. However, we don’t particularly like the music that isn’t organic. In a sense, the music is too contrived with the purpose of ‘selling’." ~ Matajiwa

Protect Paradise →

Sign “The Tiger Manifesto” To Protect Tiger Homes

There are as few as 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. Their forest home is being destroyed to make everyday household products.

Every year, thousands of hectares of Indonesian rainforest and peatlands are being destroyed to make way for new palm oil plantations. We don’t have to clear forests for palm oil - solutions exist and come companies are on track to supply clean, responsible palm oil. But we need to take urgent action.

Yes! I want the products I love to be tiger and forest friendly.

  • There are solutions that don’t involve forest destruction. We want clean palm oil and we ask that our favourite brands listen to our voices.
  • We believe immediate action must be taken to stop habitat destruction finding its way into the products we love.
  • We have the right to know if our favourite products are linked to tiger extinction.

Dubmission Records We are happy to announce that we have licensed the first 3 EPs by Experience to Dubmission and to celebrate we asked to put together a short mix of tracks.

Previously Akasha Experience have been known simply as Akasha but as there are sixteen other recording artists/bands using the same name, this was causing some confusion, to say the least!

The tracks featured in this set are all taken from ‘The Chain’ , ‘Shamanized’ and ‘One Drop’ EPs, which were all previously released by other labels, but are now available from Dubmission via ‘One Drop’ is also out now via iTunes and other lamestream sites, with ‘The Chain’ available from April 7th, and ‘Shamanized’ from May 5th.

Track list
01 The Chain
02 Soft Snatch
03 One Drop
04 The Secret
05 Shell The Cell
06 From The Other Side
07 Solar Salutations
08 Quanta - Quazi Limbo (Akasha Experience Remix)
09 Stistow Llatuoba
10 Each Other
11 Gaia Calling
12 Sky Lines
13 Jartishus
14 More Babak
15 Shamanized

Many thanks to Ian for his superb mix.

(Via: omgaruda)

Alpines - “Cocoon” (Nocturnal Sunshine Remix)

Nocturnal Sunshine A.K.A Maya Jane Coles is a new Dubstep project from upcoming talent Maya Jane Coles. Producing since the age of 15 and currently with two other projects on the go, the 23yr old British-Japanese Londoner is certainly no stranger to making beats. Her band She Is Danger is creating quite a buzz at present and her self titled releases regularly hit the Beatport Top 100 Deep House/Tech House charts. Nocturnal Sunshine focuses on the heavily dub influenced side of Maya’s music which, also fed by a diverse range of other influences, leads her to present her own brand of Dubstep. With tracks being supported by the likes of Scuba and Joy Orbison, Maya continues creating her own unique sound which expands far beyond the Dubstep Genre.

Matisyahu: ‘Surrender’ (Live On Soundcheck)

Reggae-rapper Matisyahu released his fifth studio album, Akeda, on June 3 — the record’s title is Hebrew for “binding,” and it’s yet another chapter in the Jewish singer-songwriter’s storied career that has entranced fans for a decade now.

f you’re curious about the backstory to the song: “Surrender” was born from an experience Matisyahu had in Tel Aviv in September 2013. He was in his hotel room overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and found himself reflecting on how much time in the past 10 years have been spent looking from behind glass — airplane windows, tour bus windows, train windows, hotel windows. 

The singer felt an incredible desire to get outside and take part in the world, but had an odd and powerful fear come over him that was not letting him leave the room. However, he then saw a sailboat in the ocean with a white sail, and something about that broke through: There was somebody out there who not only wasn’t afraid to leave their hotel, but they were in the middle of the ocean, feeling alive! They surrendered to being in this world!

Feeling inspired, Matisyahu left his hotel room — and jumped in the ocean.

Nike Soccer: The Last Game

The Last Game is a story about risky soccer versus safe soccer.
The scientist and the clones want to prove that riskless soccer is more effective.

Ronaldo Fenomeno and the original players disagree, and they are willing to risk everything to prove the scientist wrong.
There is only one way to know who is right: the Last Game.

Featuring: Animated Cristiano Ronaldo, animated Wayne Rooney, animated Neymar Jr., animated Zlatan Ibrahimović, animated Andrés Iniesta, animated David Luiz, animated Franck Ribéry, animated Tim Howard and animated Ronaldo Fenomeno.

Tropical Forest Conservation Action For Sumatra (TFCA-Sumatera) →

Tropical Forest Conservation Action for Sumatra (TFCA-Sumatera) or also called Real Action Sumatra Tropical Forest Conservation is a debt-for-environment schemes (debt-for-nature swaps) are made ​​by the United States Government and the Government of Indonesia aimed to preserve forests tropical deforestation in Sumatra which a very high level. This action is an agreement between the two countries and the parties involved (KEHATI Foundation and Conservation International Indonesia)

Conservation of biodiversity of tropical forests to support the creation of sustainable development on the island of Sumatra

TFCA-Sumatera main program will provide funding for local agencies such as the Sumatran NGOs, Community Based Organizations / CBOs and universities to carry out activities that are expected to be achieved by 2015

Music Video by Dialog Dini Hari performing “Tentang Rumahku.”

2014 © Rain Dogs Records.

The Band:

  • DADANG SH PRANOTO (Vocal and Guitars)
  • BROZIO ORAH (Bass)
  • DENY SURYA (Drums)

Dialog Dini Hari is the most respectable introspective folk group in Bali. Lately, they have become relatively well known across Indonesia.

Newest album, Tentang Rumahku release on 31th May 2014.

Salam Beribu Cinta, dari kami keluarga kecil “Dialog Dini Hari”

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