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MODERAT perform “BAD KINGDOM”, “DAMAGE DONE” and “NR. 22” live at Electronic Beats Festival in Prague (28 March 2014)

"Further On Down The Road"

A video presented by Rawk’n’Rawl Garage & Elprecimo Production

Filmed & Edited by Bilvil Elhud


  • Raul Naldo Putra
  • Raka Cakra Pratama
  • Romario Yudho
  • Dimas Bayu
  • Subandi


  1. Tenere Taqhim Tossam (Foutet RMX) by Tinariwen
  2. Further On Down The Road by Eric Clapton

Location: Bogor & Sukabumi, Indonesia

Delaytribe is a collaboration between Akbar Nugraha (Producer/Selectah SooKoo) and Billie Holiday (Toasting, Poets & MC YalaYala), they met way back in kindergarden and are still good friends till today.

They both spent time together making music in KunoKini; an indonesian traditional music group that got the privilege to tour around Australia, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium, with Akbar as one of the three main player and Billie as the manager.

They both fell deep into the roots of Dub, Reggae, HipHop and Jungle, with Akbar’s passion in producing dub music and Billie’s talent in rhyming, Delaytribe has been born.

The Sophisthicated Echo Society from Jakarta, Indonesia. 
Enjoy the journey of our tribe. 


Monascross 2013

Director: @elhud_
Editor: @eLhud_

Rider 1: @romarioyudhoo
Rider 2: @eLhud_

Music: @Youngdbrock
Title: Jingga

"Rawk Away Beach"

A video presented by Rawk’n’Rawl Garage & Elprecimo Production

Directed by: Raul Nalho Putra

Edited by: Bilvil Elhud

Director Of Photography: Sutanto Alwin Negoro


  1. Romario Yudho
  2. Vieda Vie
  3. Manos dhe Piedra
  4. Raka Cakra

Music by: Stairway To Zinna - Berangkat

Location: Sawarna Beach, Indonesia

Artist: Ray D’Sky feat Ras Muhammad

Title: Terjebak Di Pulau Yang Indah

Album: Dreaming Dreams

Produced by Aray Daulay & Didit Saad

JARB - Semesta Menari
130 plays

Semesta Menari - JARB

Artist: JARB

Track: Semesta Menari

lyrics : bagus pratama 

music : wely sagita, bramasta juan sasongko

mix and mastering : joseph saryuf

JARB (just another rock band) started as a 90’s rock/alternative rock cover band in early 2004 with Bagus Pratama on guitars and vocals, Bramasta Juan Sasongko on bass and vocals, and Fadhil Patra on drums evolved into a more serious project with the addition of Molen Kasetra on vocals in late-2009.

Covering band like Silverchair, Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters, Queen of The Stone Age and several other 90’s bands for some years have enriched their musical arsenals, thus given them the inspirations needed to create their own materials. JARB is planning to release their album mid-2011.

The 10 materials gathered for the album features a broad-range of genre-crossing music, a kaleidoscope of vintage and modern rock, bleding the intensity of a high-gain amp cranked to eleven on a journey to a surrealist’s masterpiece. The lyrical approach also features a broad landscape, with themes ranging from simple optimism to some of the more serious aspects of our everyday lives.

After the production of their debut album, JARB undergoes further changes in their roster. Batara Swandita (Levin) and Dimas Anggara (Barris) now completes their formation respectively, on bass and vocals. The forthcoming self-produced album is currently preparing it’s way to hit the shelf mid-2011.

Infos and booking:

+62 812 8016 3344

Facebook: JARB

Twitter: @_JARB

(via jarb-online)

Artist: Apollonia

Track: Ksatria Cahaya

 Raungan suara gitar memecah aura

Dentuman musik liar menggoyang lantai dansa

Tarian erotika memanas membara

Alunan melodi indah getarkan jiwa 

Turun dari surga atas ijin bapa

Percik api cinta kilauan mutiara

Terbalut oleh dosa tembok derita

Manusia terpenjara dia bersabda

Aku nada Aku jiwa Satu semua

Semua Satu Aku Kamu Kamu pun Dia

Getaran Cintaku Gelombang Nadaku untuk Dunia

Nyalakan Apiku kuberi Terangku Ksatria Cahaya


Haruskah dunia ini menjadi neraka


Manusia memanggil dia anak durhaka

APOLLONIA is the musical incarnation of Domdom Dharmo, Bagus Pratama (JARB) and Yoga Raditya (Levin). Started in 2010, apollonia evolves to a more eclectical being that dwells in the realm of immensive abstract landscape of sound with a very broad pallete.

APOLLONIA blends the contemporary template of modern music with intense sporadical songwriting all of which are guided through by ancient shamanic wisdom. A wide array of groves, ranging from kraut-rock to samba are mixed with organic layering of sounds and melodies. Epic biblical settings and cosmical ambience contrasted by an erupting high-gain amplifier turned to 11, very acoustical ambience of a daunting mountainside with the glits and bleeps of a fabled land.

APOLLONIA is currently preparing it’s debut E.P. release.

Infos and booking:

+62 812 8016 3344

Twitter: @_apollonia

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Artist: Levin

Track: Selamaselamanya

The video was directed by Domdom Dharmo using camera SONY HDV AE-1 and also only using one man crew, which is domdomdharmo it self.

LEVIN is the incarnation of the punk-rock band, C-4. Formed in 1999, C-4 consists of Batara Swandita (bass and vocals), Yoga Raditya (guitars and vocals), Abas Krisna (guitars) and Fadjar ‘komar’ Rahardjo (drums). Under this monicker, C-4 developed a strong following through intensive gigs and winning the prestigious “best band award” and “best vocalist award” in the 2002 lipton ice tea band competition.

After a brief hiatus in 2004, the band reincarnated in 2005 with the addition of Randi Adiningrat (9teen 90nine) on vocals. To mark the formation and the new musical direction, C-4 concluded to rename themselves to ‘LEVIN’ an archaic word for lightning.

The music present a multi-layered-down-and-dirty-rock with the lyrical wisdom of a psycological-guru on a quest to a melodical fuzz-land. Aggresive fist-pumping beats and catchy songwriting interpreted by heavy bass sounds and cranked-up guitars topped by briliant wordplay completes the formula.

LEVIN is currently at the final stages of releasing their debut album, compiling the best materials from more than a decade of total rock devotion.

Infos and booking:

+62 812 8016 3344


Twitter: @LevinMusic

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